Headshot and team photography in Warwickshire

Chris Osborne at Budget Shipping Containers in Wythall, Warwickshire needed photography of his staff – individual headshots and team photos.  They were primarily for the website and social media.

We talked beforehand about various options. The office is very unusual and full of character. It’s in a converted church. We decided to use the character of the church to add something different to the photos (I also suggested getting everyone on top of a shipping container for a team photo, but unfortunately there weren’t any full size containers onsite! There was a small container that we used).  We chose the background for the headshots to be an inside wall of the church.

We also used a side entrance, in front of an arched wooden door, as the location for one of the team photos. Chris and the team were great fun, getting fully into the spirit of the shoot, and we created images with a few themes in mind for social media campaigns. One was a rainbow theme, with everyone in different colour T-shirts, even in the correct order for a rainbow (for LBGT awareness).

A second location was in front of a small shipping container (that comes as a flat-pack) to match the business service.

Chris & I agreed on the value of good headshots. His business has clients from around the country, and the staff spend a lot of time on the phone talking to potential clients. Many will have found Budget Shipping Containers via their website. The headshots and team photos on the website help make an immediate personal connection with the client, building the know, like & trust. As Chris said:

“Thanks again Laurence, it went very well and everyone is really happy with their photos!  A number of customers have commented how adding staff photos to the website and our electronic stationary has helped make our team a lot more relatable and approachable. I was personally worried if this would be a cost-effective exercise but now we’ve tried it it’s proven to be well worth getting professional photos done!’