The importance of social media for your business –  by Amy Marshment

Whether you’re a creative, corporate, or sales business; the power that social media brings to your brand is vast. With social media comes an endless pool of news, trends, connections, stories, and knowledge. This might seem overwhelming, but when harnessed in the correct way, it is an opportunity to form important relationships, grow your brand’s awareness, and network like never before on an international scale.

Social media is also relatively inexpensive, it’s free to sign up to most platforms that can make a real difference to your brand. Take Instagram for example, you can find anyone on there from writers, graphic designers, PR agencies, photographers, scaffolders, and beyond! It’s not just for the creatives with an eye for visuals. Although Instagram is about uploading images in a square grid, it’s much more than that. It’s an opportunity for you to show off your businesses’ strengths up close, whether that’s your branding, your workforce, or daily duties. Plus, if you sell a physical or online product, there’s the opportunity to use shoppable buttons on your images! There might be a wide range of people in the Instagram community, but with the right hashtags, using significant keywords, and certain tips and tricks- it’s a winning platform to use.

Twitter is also a useful space for networking. You can join local twitter threads (conversations) to introduce yourself, discover what’s happening, and even sell your services. There are many accounts that will re-tweet (re-share) your content, boosting your content up to an extortionate amount of users to see!

It can be a minefield when it comes to choosing which platforms your business should join, as well as  the ones that don’t necessarily meet your audiences’ requirements. Once you know your unique selling point, your niche or industry, and who you’re marketing to… this can make it a whole lot easier when choosing which platforms to use. It’s also more than ok to trial a certain platform for a month to see what kind of traction you are getting and whether it’s right for you. Experimenting with different social accounts is useful when looking at your insights. If you create a creator or business profile on Instagram, you can have a look at where in the world your content is being seen, your key demographics, and what content is performing best.

There’s so much to learn, benefit from, and test. Social media can be timely, but the reward is certainly worth the energy. Social media can help with your website hits, generating awareness of your brand, targeting potential customers, and meeting people who share the same values as you. A top recommendation that I would propose is to only use 2-3 social platforms if you are a small business, unless you have a great scheduler or dedicated person to organising your social strategy. It’s important to be active, responsive, and consistent when it comes to social media. This allows for a higher retention and engagement rate. People want to constantly see newness and with so much social noise, they need a reason to keep coming back to your pages.

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