What is Personal Branding Photography ?

Business owners and entrepreneurs who sell their own services need a unique and attractive online identity. This is best accomplished with personal branding photography.

It’s creating a bespoke collection of on-brand images that showcases the whole ethos and personality of the business owner. The images are used to create a strong online presence for yourself or your company, helping attract dream clients across all marketing platforms. They give increased visibility, a professional and consistent look and feel, and importantly grow the business while saving you time and stress on content creation. For example, one personal branding shoot might give over 100 images, enough for over 3 months worth of social media posts.

Your brand and online presence

Any successful business owner needs an online presence that shows what they stand for, rather than just their commercial intent or their “well-known” status. The brand then helps attract ideal clients and helps immensely with marketing, because the core values are clear.

Are you an inspiring leader, a thoughtful advisor or teacher, a creative, a designer or a dynamic marketer or coach ? I provide a portfolio of over 100 professional images that show you in a variety of roles and locations, reflecting who you are, your energy & passion, the service or products you provide, and personal and business items that have stories behind them. These can be used to reveal your values and your journey, making you much more relatable to your ideal client.

The personal branding photo shoot

We plan well ahead. I’ll learn all about you and your brand story. We’ll create a personalised mood board, include your brand colours, and plan locations and outfits. We’ll think about all the little things and objects that are meaningful to you and that build up to make you who you are. The lifestyle images are designed to show off your brand personality – what makes you unique.

On the day we’ll spend perhaps 3 hours in two different locations, working to a plan so we don’t miss anything. I’ll come up with creative ideas. We may need to include friends and family if needed – for example, to act as clients. Other aspects of the shoot depend what you’re looking to project.

Importantly, a personal branding shoot is fun. A few nerves to start with are normal, but after a short time you’ll relax and start making suggestions yourself. One of my strengths is making it way more enjoyable than you ever thought possible – so you can be completely yourself.

One of the many benefits people tell me about is an increase in confidence and sense of identity, helping you to develop an authentic voice and presence online.

The branding images

I provide an extensive, personalised portfolio of beautiful magazine-quality brand images that will make you stand out from the crowd. I’ll also create stunning header images for your social platforms.  I subtly retouch the images if needed to make sure everyone looks their best.

Does this sound like exactly what you and your small business needs ?

I’m a personal branding photographer based in Warwickshire, just south of Birmingham. I travel to you for the photo shoot – throughout Warwickshire, Birmingham, Worcestershire and the Cotswolds.

Personal brand photography packages

For more information about personal brand photography packages, please get in touch.