Professional business headshot photography is vital to project the right image of you and your staff.

Faceless and soulless brands are becoming a thing of the past. The trend of  automation and computer-answered phones is not popular, and personal, authentic customer service is in demand.  Giving the human touch is important!

When your clients  see the people behind the business, they start to make a connection and that all-important trust starts building immediately. Some of this is subconscious, but it all adds to our “gut” feeling of who we should choose to hire.

The first impression needs to be a good one.  An image that makes you look approachable, friendly and professional. A photo that shows you have invested in your business , yourself and your staff – all this adds to someone’s confidence in working with you.

That’s where a professional photographer comes in. You may feel you are not very photogenic, but a good photographer will make you feel relaxed, and create images that portray confidence and professionalism. The right image for you might be something slightly more formal, against a plain background, wearing a suit, or perhaps you would prefer a contemporary and fresh feel  given by an image outdoors, with a hint of the location in the out of focus background.  That is a more magazine-style image, and would match a more informal choice of clothes.

Remember, your headshot photo will probably appear in many places – your website, on social media profiles, LinkedIn, and perhaps on your business card and marketing pieces.  It’s useful to be able to change your photos occasionally, to show more of your character.  The best photos do generate lots of compliments – making you feel even more confident !

So there are several reasons for having professional headshot photography of the people at your business. It’s about presenting a professional and approachable image, reflecting your brand.

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