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How do I organise staff headshots at my company ?

Staff headshots help create a cohesive and professional image for your company. They also showcase your team’s personality. Organising them can be a little more involved than you might think, so hopefully this article will help.

Style choice

There’s two basic styles to choose from.  The traditional, classic and clean look is against a plain background. This gives a professional and consistent appearance.

Environmental portraits, on the other hand, show people within their work environment, offering a more relatable and personalized touch. This approach captures authenticity and relatability. The photographer will find suitable interesting spots around your office, or perhaps outdoors. The photography will probably take a little longer to do, increasing the budget a little.

You might need a wider variety of images for senior staff for different uses.

The style you choose should match with your company’s culture, values, and what you want to convey. It’s all about making the right impression, the expectations of your target audience and how they perceive your brand.

Getting the date(s)

Plan well in advance so everyone has ample time to prepare. Timing is important to make it as convenient as possible and to make sure everyone is present at work. It might help to have the photo shoot on the day of a meeting, a company-wide event, or a team-building session.

With working from home more common, this part can be tricky!  Infact, it’s often a good idea to schedule another, shorter session for the people who couldn’t make the first day.

Telling everyone about it

Let everyone know a few weeks ahead of time, and remind them again the day before. People will want to get their hair cut and think about what clothes they’ll wear. They may need guidance on clothes, whether it be the company branded polo shirt (a clean one!) or jacket and tie.  Some might bring along a hairbrush and their makeup to make sure they are looking good.


A separate room is ideal. A private space means that there’s minimum disruption to the rest of the office and people will feel less self-conscious. So book a meeting room. It needs to be larger than you’d think to fit the photographer’s lights, background etc. At least 4-5m long

For environmental portraits, a private space is still needed, but different locations might be used by the photographer

Budget & requirements

Costs can vary depending on the number of staff and the style you’re going for. Different photographers will charge in different ways. I charge for my time and can be flexible. It typically takes 5-10 mins per person. Some people know exactly the look they want and it can be quick to photograph them.  The majority are less confident and it takes a little longer to make them feel relaxed. I sometimes show people their photos on the back of the camera to reassure them.

On the day

Create a schedule after talking to the photographer about how long is needed for each person. Someone from the office will probably be needed to make sure people are on time and to help things run smoothly.

A good photographer will put people at ease, especially those who are nervous about the whole thing.  They will also bring a mirror and a lint brush to remove pet hairs from clothing!

When it’s all done, talk with your photographer about the process for selecting the photos. Will people get to choose their favorites? Make sure everyone understands the next steps and when they can expect their photos.

Keep it up-to-date

Don’t forget that headshots need a refresh every once in a while to reflect changes in your team or company’s branding. It’s a good idea to have a budget for  occasional smaller sessions to cover the new arrivals.

If you want to chat about staff headshots, please get in touch.

I normally create professional headshots in Warwickshire, Birmingham and surrounding areas, although I do travel further afield.  I also offer event photography and personal brand photography.