Behind the scences at a socially distanced team photo in Kenilworth, Warwickshire

On the hottest day of the year in 2020 I created a socially distanced team photo for the NetVisibilty team. If you need to know about social media Ads, these are the people to ask!
Each person was photographed separately and then the whole image combined in photoshop in various formats. The location for this Kenilworth business was the local landmark – Kenilworth Castle.  You can see me hard at work in one of the behind-the-scenes shots.  The final image got a great reaction on LinkedIn !

Neil Curtis, the owner of NetVisibility, said “Its brilliant. Love it. We could easily take this style and make it into an advert.”  He added ” We had a great time getting this unusual team photo and it lifted the spirits of the team ! A testament to a great photoshoot/photoshop job by Laurence, on a very hot day. ”

I’m a photographer creating eye-catching images for businesses. I’m based in Warwickshire, just south of Birmingham.